4 Tromsö


Went for 7 days to Tromsö, Norway with Colin and Émilie. 

Had amazing weather, dog sledding and northern lights hunting as main activities which turned out to be really fun and memorable. 

We didn't manage to see much northern lights sadly so might consider to go back as a result!

Grateful for

  • Colin
  • Emelie

3 Berlin (For ITB)

Berlin (For ITB)

Work trip where I went to ITB - worlds largest Tourism fair with over 180k+ visitors in 3 days.

We had an amazing front there with over 12 people from the company attending. 

Venue is absolutely massive and I roamed around a lot, listened to some keynotes and met with partners. 

Grateful for

  • Work

2 Göteborg (For Christmas)

Göteborg (For Christmas)

Went up to my parents with F to celebrate Christmas together at my uncle's place. 

Was a lovely 3 nights stay, meeting friends and family in a more relaxed manner due to travelling by car up. 

We rented the overnight apartment for 150 SEK / night only which is on the premise of my parents house, great value for money! 

Had great food, fun- & relaxing times. 

Grateful for

  • Family

1 Laholms castle

Laholms castle

Day trip to the Castle area and the surrounding nature with friends + their dogs. 

Went around for over 1,5h with the dogs and I got to handle Angel which was really fun. 

The place is really scenic and so serene. We also had picnic with pastry and hot chocolate, really yummy!

Grateful for

  • Friends
  • Nature
  • Angel

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